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Learning to Play GMT’s East Front Series: The Battle of Sumy

About a year ago I decided I really wanted to get involved with one of the “heavier ” game systems out there. After reading several posts on BGG that compared GMT’s “East Front Series” and MMP’s “Operational Combat Series” I decided to start with EFS. The main reason I picked EFS over OCS came downContinue reading “Learning to Play GMT’s East Front Series: The Battle of Sumy”


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Welcome to Retro Conflict

Thanks for checking out Retro Conflict. My initial goal with this blog was to take a look at wargames that delt with battles (or potential battles) from about 1980-2000. That’s still a huge part of this project, but I am now also throwing in a lot of World War II games as well. My goal right now is about a 50/50 split between the modern titles, and all the other stuff. I hope you have as much fun reading about these games as I did playing them.

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